Get in Control

You know those futuristic movies where the guy walks through his front door with his date and his house is instantly set to “date mode”? With the touch of a button, the TV comes on, the shades are drawn, the music starts, the lights are dimmed and… he’s completely in control. Well, with Control4 automation, the future is now. Although with a little less cheesiness, and a lot more convenience.

Drake Custom Homes is now installing Control4 automation in their homes. The system can transform your home by allowing you to control your TV, music, lighting, doors, temperature, and security by using a remote control, in-wall or tabletop touch panels, a smart-phone or even a tablet. You can personalize your set-up for one room or opt for whole-home integrated control.

With Control4, everything works together the way you want it to. It’s cool, it’s smart, and it can easily be installed in your Drake Custom Home. So what are you waiting for? Get in control.

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